Use this page to write questions and communicate appropriately with me or your peers.

Taylor is Japan =D
Jacqueline is Finland.
C.J. is Australia
Tommy is the United States!
Yan is China.
Marisol is Mexico
Darragh is Chile
Cocoa has Turkmenistan.
Jenna is Nepal
Russia= Tyler
Luxembourg = Amy
Zack Evans has India, baby!
IT WON'T SAVE-from taylor....Nevermind, I'm okay now.
Jeff has Germany
Bradley Sanford IS Sweden
Jon is Italy
Alžběta is The Czech Republic

Don't forget that we are also being graded on our biographies, so please take them seriously. We all get the same mark.

I strongly agree.

Use Ms. Davis's bio as an example

Jason asked that we add the country's genre to our pages. Genre of what?

Class, please be reminded that everyone in the world has the potential to see your project. In fact, on Friday, I will be sending your parents the link to your wiki so they can see what you've been working on. I expect nothing less than professionalism throughout this process. By the end of this week, I will be encouraging you all to proofread each other's work and pages and I will expect that you tell the owner of the contribution what must be edited, included, or deleted. Everyone is receiving the same grade for this project, and when someone is not contributing equally, the entire grade will go down.
You will notice that I have already deleted some of your bios. They were not appropriate to the expectations of the project. Please read the ones posted to get a feel for the proper information and format. You will also notice that for the sake of student safety, I have taken out your last names. please continue that. No one needs to know that information.