Outline of our Project

We have been discussing world cultures and their music this semester. Your task is to choose a Country that we have not touched on yet, and prepare a project that you will post onto your new wiki page.

Each project should include information about the music culture, but aside from that below, list the various components that you feel are important details to include in your project. Each student should contribute at least two ideas. Place your name after your idea so I can give credit to the appropriate person. Always contribute the bottom of the list.

What we should include in our projects:

1. A discussion of popular music instruments that we would expect to see and hear if we were to visit the country. (Davis)

2. A description of a musical game, craft, dance etc that would be popular in this country. The description of this activity should be in depth enough that we can understand what to do just by reading it. (Davis)

3. Flag. (Taylor)

4. Map of the Country. (Taylor)

5. General information of the country such as money, little bit of food places that we should visit there or something like that. (Marisol)

6. Lyrics to National Anthem. (Amy)

7. The population of the country. (Lindsay)

8. The capital of the country. (Lindsay)

9. The Currency of the country. (Jason)

10. Popular Genres of music of the country. (Jason)

11. A brief summary of hockey in the country, if possible. If you wish, you may do another sport that is popular in your country. (Andrew)

12. Official Languages. (Amy)

13. A couple of famous musicians from the country. (Jeffrey)

14. Music Award Shows for the country (ie: CMA's, Emmies, Grammies, ect). (Jeffrey)

15. Their education system. (Jacqueline)

16. Their Prime Minister/President/person in charge. (Jacqueline)

17. Top 10 artists of the country for 2010 (C.J.)

18. Most popular (most albums sold) artist of the country. (C.J.)

19. Where do students typically get their music background? (though private instruction or public)? (Yan)

20. Do they wear certain clothes to play their country music (traditional dress or casual)? (Yan)

21.Images of the country. (Marisol)

22. Where the country is located in the world? (Darragh)

23. Genre of Music played. (Darragh)

24. Name a few native animals (C.J.)

25. A few interesting words translated in English. (Betty)

26. One product that the country is famous for. (Betty)

27. Differences or similarities between your country and Canada. (Tommy)

28. The national instruments for your country. (Tommy)

29. Common stereotype(s) about the country. (Jake)

30. Standard of living in the country.(general) (Jake)

31. Size of country in square kilometres. (Andrew)

32. Musical traditions of the country; celebrations or ceremonies involving music. (Zack)

33. Involvement of music in the every-day life of the country's residents. (Zack)

34. What they must do for eating dinner(use certain plates,utensils,etc)(Jenna)

35. Why they must wear the costume for dance of music(only if costumes are worn)(Jenna)