About Us

Please add your name to the class list below and provide a few sentences telling a little bit about yourself.

Ms. Davis - I have been teaching music education for the last 13 years in various schools of the Annapolis Valley Regional School Board, and have thoroughly enjoyed teaching elementary school, middle school, and now high school, where I have been happily settled for the last 7 years. I feel blessed to be teaching in a rural school with such wonderful students and I love the challenges I face as a teacher in the 21st century. As part of my ongoing commitment to become an expert teacher, I feel the need to incorporate as much technology in to my classroom as possible in order to best prepare my students for the technology-driven real world. The development of this class wiki is one simple example of how technology can be used in my classroom.

C.J. - I'm C.J. and I'm not a fan of slow internet and wikispaces limited options.

Marisol - I am an international student from Mexico,this is my first year in Canada, and my first year in the music program here; and I really like it because it helps me to learn more culture, Music is a huge part of my life, I played guitar since I was ten years old, I like to sing, and dance; another things I love to do is play soccer, hanging out with friends, shopping and try different kinds of food like chinese food, canadian food.. etc , sweet things and chocolate are basically my favorite things, I love them. :)

Darragh - I am in grade 11. I play the flute, saxophone, piano, I sing, and I'm learning the trumpet. I love to write, play, and perform music :)

Jason- I am in grade 10 and has joined the music program since grade 6. My main instrument is the clarinet. I am currently in the music program and attending the school West Kings High School.

Taylor - So, I'm actually only in Grade 10 if everybody didn't know. I've been involved in music since elementary school, starting with choir, moving on to Recorder, and finally in Middle School, band! I love music class. I love lots of other things too...But I don't want to tell you. I have five brothers and sisters. Two sisters and three brothers. My sisters each have children, so I have three nieces. I love them all a lot. They are really cute.

Tyler - I am in grade 10 and I have been in music since grade 6. I play the trombone and it's fun. I enjoy playing video games. My favorite band is the Beatles.

Lindsay - This will be my thirteenth year partaking in a music class of some kind. I started playing piano when I was four, and have continued till this day, and I plan on taking it with me into a career. Besides piano, I have been playing the clarinet for 6 years now. I started playing the tenor saxophone last year around Christmas time, and picked up the bassoon this past summer. I've tried out many other instruments as well. As mentioned before I want to have a career in music. I would like to be a music teacher at a school where they don't have a music program yet. My goal is to show a community what they are missing out on in the world of music. I've attended various camps and festivals to further my outlook on the world of music, to help me achieve this goal in my future.

Jacqueline - I am in grade twelve, and this will be my thirteenth year taking part in music class. When I was in middle school I started playing the clarinet and picked up the tenor saxophone in my third year for jazz band. I fell in love, and now I play the tenor and the alto saxophones. I love playing, teaching and listening to music. I also enjoy playing basketball and tutoring.

Jake - Im in grade 12....and play a variety of instruments.

Zack - I believe that we all hide behind a great mask. This mask is made up of our illusory projections; the faces we craft each day with our aspirations, ambitions and wishes. Wishes of who we are and what we do, each of our bodies is a living imprint of our mind's power. This power is itself an abstract idea, but it is all that we are. So, one may not be reprimanded for being something they are not, for none of us are really what we are, but a mask of who we wish to be, or how we wish to appear. Music is what we are, and with care, it will shed away our hopeless mask.

Alžběta - I come from the Czech Republic and this semester I am studying at a high school in Canada. I am glad I have an opportunity to participate an amazing music program at this school. I love playing flute and singing in the choir. I am involved in this two activities since I was 6 years old. I love playing music, music is always here for me when I am sad, happy or just bored. I like to pick an instrument that I can´t play and try to find how it works and play some easy songs. This month I am starting to learn playing piano, because I like the sound and so far I really enjoy practising it. In last two years I played guitar, ukulele and mouth - organ. I can play just few songs on these instruments, but I am really having fun playing it. Although music is the main part of my hobbies, I like all kinds of sports as skiing, snowboarding, cannoying, squash and badminton and I love traveling with my choir. I would love to speak English, German and Spanish fluently and my wish is to have at least twice as much time as I have now, because there is so many exiciting things to experience around the world that one human life is not long enough to try them all.

Jeff - I'm in grade 10 and have taken music as a class since grade 6. I play the trumpet and in my spare time I play guitar and golf.

Tommy Boates - I'm just a teenager living in a small town. I love music and I hope to continue playing music for the rest of my life. I play the trombone and I attempt any instrument that is thrown my way.

Amy - This is my eleventh year, taking a music class as part of my school studies but, I have been playing the alto saxophone in my school’s bands since the age of eleven, singing in various choirs since the age of eight, and taking piano lessons since the age of five. Music is a very important part of my life, especially singing. I have been singing for as long as I can remember. I think my initial interest in singing developed as a result of being a church goer from birth. Being at Church meant I was constantly surrounded by song. Besides music extracurricular activities, I take part in drama, soccer, student’s council and I am in the French Immersion program.

Bradley - I'm currently in grade 11, and have been playing music for 8 years. I play ukulele and bass guitar, and I dabble in piano, guitar, mandolin and trumpet.

Andrew - I am a grade 12 student. I have been playing music since grade 5. I took only one year of piano in grade 5 but I still occasionally play it, usually around Christmas. I started playing the trumpet in grade 6. I played until the end of grade 10 when I began to play double bass in the school band instead of the trumpet. I have been playing the bass since grade 9 and I plan to take it to Acadia University. I love playing music and I am in 12 different groups. I play pretty much anything from hymns to old time country to modern country to jazz to rock and roll.