Canada is a very multicultural country with a variety of different instruments that come from many diverse parts of the world. Generally however, you are most likely to always see standard "rock" band instruments in the media. This includes guitar, bass, drums, keyboards/pianos. Other woodwind and brass instruments such as trumpet, saxophone, tuba, clarinet, etc. are predominantly used in ensembles and big bands. The culture here in Canada in incredibly diverse and you may find any instrument you choose somewhere within it, almost guaranteed.

POPULATION - 34,346,000
CURRENCY - The Canadian dollar (sign: $; code: CAD)
LOCATION - North America
Popular Genres in Canada - On the radio, you will hear everything from rock, rap, country, r&b, techno, etc.

PRIME MINISTER - Stephen Harper

OFFICIAL LANGUAGES - English and French

HOCKEY IN CANADA - Hockey is not technically Canada's national sport but it may as well be! It is a large part of our life in Canada and whether you like it or not, if you have lived in Canada for most of your life, you have been skating before and have watched the hockey game atleast once or twice.

FOOD- The food here in Canada is pretty much based on every other country's food! We have everything from McDonald's restaurants to Asian food. We pretty much market all the stereotypical foods that you would find in another country of choice.

COMMON STEREOTYPES ABOUT CANADIANS - 1.) We do not say "EH?" after every sentence, but lets be honest, we do say it more than alot of people.
2.) We do not all live in igloo's and even people way up in the Yukon and Nunavut do not use these. They actually live in regular houses like you would see if you were to look out your window right now.
3.) No, we do not know your friend Ben from Toronto.

FAMOUS MUSICIANS FROM CANADA - Some well known artist's that have come out of Canada include Rush, Neil Young, Triumph, April Wine, The Tragically Hip, The Trews, Celine Dion, Bachman Turner Overdrive, etc.... the list goes on!

MUSIC AWARD SHOWS - There are many different music award's given out in Canada to different artists, some known better than others, such as the ECMA's, or the MMVA's.

EDUCATION SYSTEM - The education system in Canada is not as "intense" during regular schooling compared to some European and eastern countries, but does have many post-secondary institutions throughout it. Pre-school is available to young children before they begin regular schooling.

Katy Perry
Justin Bieber
Nicki Minaj
Lady Gaga
Taio Cruz
Jason Derulo
(SOURCE: Yahoo! Answers)


WHERE CANADIANS GET THERE MUSICAL BACKGROUND - Canadians, just like everyone else, get there musical knowledge from many different sources. Some people take private lessons, others take school band, and some do both or don't do either. Music is infectious and some people have never taken any kind of music lesson in there life.
DRESS TO PLAY THE COUNTRY'S MUSIC - If it is a ceremony of some sort, there may be a dress code, but normally people dress casually.

NATIVE ANIMALS - Some animals that are particularly native in Canada are the beaver, the polar bear, the black bear, the moose, and the goose!

TRANSLATION OF COMMON FRENCH - Hello, how are you? ; Bonjour, n'est-ce pas comment ?
Thank you! ; Merci!
May I use the washroom? ; Peux-je utiliser les toilettes ?

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