A separate page must be made up for each student. You are responsible for creating and mantaining your own page. To do this, follow these simple steps:

1. On the main front page, click on "new page".
2. Put your first name only in the "page name" box and click "create".
3. Return to the page called "Student pages", and highlight your name on the class list.
4. In the tool bar above, click on the "link" button.
5. Click on "page name", and scross down until you find your name in the list, and click.
6. Click "save" in the tool bar menu.

Good job! You have just linked your name on the list to the new page you created for yourself.

Now it is time to edit your page. Open your page,click on the "edit" tab and away you go. Always "save" your work before exiting the screen.